What is the best place to hike in Greece?

QuestionsCategory: DestinationsWhat is the best place to hike in Greece?
John & Lara asked 1 year ago

I am willing to go hiking in Greece, but it seems rather difficult to find the best place to hike to. Too many possibilities… We are a couple in our 60s.

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Paths of Greece answered 1 year ago

Well, this is nearly impossible to answer! Best is too subjective… In addition, even if there was objectivity in that, great places in Greece are too many! Exactly as you say…

We think that every hiking destination in Greece has its own unique spots. However, to help you decide, a first question to ask is if you would rather visit mountains or seascapes. For mountains, to see an unexpected side of Greece, we would recommend http://www.pathsofpeace.gr in northern Greece. Zagori region has also very interesting landscapes. Of course, Olympus Mt. is of great interest, but might be a little difficult to ascend it.

For seascapes, either the Cyclades (www.tinostrails.gr, http://www.sifnostrails.gr) or the Ionian islands (www.footpaths-of-erissos.gr, http://www.ithacatrails.gr) are great destinations.

Crete is in the process of creating hiking trail networks (2020) so in the next year or so it will be a perfect place to go hiking.

Last but not least, the Peloponnese offers beautiful trails (www.apollotrails.com, Mt. Taygetos, Mt. Menalon) where one can enjoy as much the sea as the more mountainous landscapes.